Artist Statement



A degree in fine art,

twenty years of life on a Caribbean island,

more than two thousand scuba dives and

many years and miles on sail boats . . .

these, along with a love of travel and adventure,

are the primary elements reflected

in my work.

I am greatly influenced by my surroundings  wherever

I am . . . the blue of the sea, the stark contrasts of

the American southwest, lush tropical foliage

or the oak and pine trees in my  own backyard.


I often use metallic paint

as full color rather than merely an accent as,

for me, it represents another way for me to capture 

light and form.




Generally speaking - my art is  a fusion  of simplicity  of design and

complexity of  execution.  In other words, the design is basic and straight forward but the time and effort it takes to create it is labor intensive and time consuming.


The last 30 years of my life has been in  the tropics so I have been

influenced by both the Caribbean Sea and lush tropical weather and foliage. I now live in Central Florida and am influencd by a more rural environment with rolling hills  and  oak and pine trees.